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If the USB cable begins to fail, change it to prevent damage to the mobile

It’s funny, but it’s really easy to turn a smartphone into a beautiful and complex paperweight. The only thing we need is to damage the smartphone power outlet. It will operate until the battery runs out. From there, it will never restart. If you have a USB cable that begins to fail, it is therefore better let use it and buy a new cable if you do not want to damage the phone.

USB cables

The USB cable that connect to our smartphone via the microUSB connection, or the USB Type-C, depending on the mobile phone that we have, is actually a very poor quality cable. Poor quality because it is very economical. Manufacturers have already stopped even include adapters with their smartphones for lower costs. They include a cable, Yes. But if they do not include a power adapter, which you can buy for less than 10 euros, you can imagine the quality of the cable.

USB Type-C

If the cable starts to fail, it is because you are making a bad connection with the microUSB port or USB Type-C Mobile. And that can mean several things. However, if the connection is doing is bad since the cable has been damaged, something quite likely, continue using it could have a result fatal, and is damaging the connector of your mobile phone. If that happens, already not it will be worth buying another cable. There will only be a solution, change the connector of your mobile phone. What we say here, is impossible. The Mobile Connector is welded to the base plate, one of the most complex and most expensive mobile components. We can not remove the connector and solder another. That is almost impossible. Change a motherboard is not only expensive, but it is also complex, and therefore we will have to pay for that work, when it is possible that you can not even be conveniently. If you damage the connector of your phone, you’ve damaged your phone almost in final form. Thus, if time the USB cable begins to fail, buy a new cable. They cost very little money, and it will be better than damage the connector of your phone.

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