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Huawei Watch 2 would come with Tizen and not Android Wear, is dying from Google operating system?

Can that Google is thinking in launching a new system operating for mobile, tablets and computers laptops, Andromeda. However, it seems that one of their current operating systems, Android Wear, not just succeed. We say this because the Huawei Watch 2, the second version of the clock smart of Huawei, could arrive with Tizen as system operating.

Huawei Watch 2

Of time are few the things that we know of the Huawei Watch 2. We expect that the new smart watch is circular, with a traditional, very well achieved design, and be one of the most complete market smart watches, as it has been the original Huawei Watch. Said this, seems that an employee of Samsung, that has dear remain in the anonymity, has asserted that the new Huawei Watch will count with Tizen as system operating and not with Android Wear. Tizen is the system operating of Samsung present in them watches smart of the company, the televisions and some that another smartphone, but until now not it had seen in no device of another company that outside relevant, and less in a company that competes with them directly, as is the case of Huawei. However, this could be a sign that Android Wear does not take off, and that the manufacturers do not see advantages in this operating system.

Huawei Watch

Tizen Yes, Android Wear do not

And it is that, while Android Wear offers a platform that may be of interest to developers, it still has complications for them that do not exist on Android for smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers have many limitations in Customizing a smart watch, and it is normal to seek other options. In addition, Samsung watches have an advantage, and it is a guarantee of sales of a certain amount of clocks, thanks to the commercial power of Samsung. Finally and after are more mobile sold in the world. Have seen, for example, an app native of Spotify for Tizen, what us ago give us has of the interest that exists from the developers of apps in this system operating. If in addition to that Huawei joins Tizen, Android Wear could have so complicated. And we will see if not arrive more manufacturers. Sony, for example, not has released since makes two years a watch smart, and Lenovo nor has renewed its Moto 360 this year.

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