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Huawei P10 could come up in three versions

Three versions could arrive from the Huawei P10. Each is characterized by something else, and would have different prices, obviously. Seems that the company china going to diversify them versions of its ship logo with a version Pro, and a version Mini.

Another Huawei in multiple versions

Huawei Mate 9 It has come up in four different versions, if we include the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Designversion, Huawei Mate 9 Proversion, and the recently launched, Huawei Mate 9 Lite. So really not us we can no surprise when we say that Huawei P10 would come in three different versions. And say this because them images that have appeared of the mobile us give the feeling of be quite real, and seems that even would be images almost “official” of them phones smart, and that are that have then.

Huawei P10 y Huawei P10 Mini

In the first photography see two mobile with different size, what us leads to think that an of the differences would be in the size of the screen. While a smartphone would be something more small, being perhaps a Huawei P10 Mini, the other would be the Huawei P10 normal. This last is characterized by count with a button physical low the screen that would be the button Home, and that could act as button smart. Not can tell that go to be the reader of fingerprint fingerprint, by what we are going to mention in the following paragraph. However, there are that make a hue, and is that the phone smart of the image top, the of the left, also could be a Huawei P9. It is certainly a much like moving, but given that the design would not change radically with Huawei P10, we can’t say it’s not a new phone.

Huawei P10 Pro with curved screen

Finally, it seems that also would a Huawei P10 Pro with curved screen. This smartphone is characterized by that screen, also of large format, that it would bend on both ends, thus imitating the of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and also of the Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

Huawei P10 Pro

Smart phone would also include that Home under the screen button, a dual camera with Leica, improved technology, and auto focus laser, as well as a reader of fingerprint that would be located in the rear section of the smartphone. Its front-facing camera would also be of a higher quality.

The three mobile, or both. Or, in any case, the Huawei P10, would be officially launched in April.

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