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Huawei already makes Android or Matt 9 internal testing

Google presented a few weeks ago the new version of your system operaivo, Android O. is not yet available and still has no official name, but already there are many functions and features that we know of the new version. Although still take to test Android or, manufacturers are already working closely with the OS.

Huawei already works with Android or. In particular its phone Huawei Mate 9. As it has been learned, the Chinese company works internally with the ultimaversion of the Android software. Huawei is working on a new version EMUI based on Android O.

Tests are still starting, at early stages and still have important errors but, reportedly, Huawei might want to be the first to upgrade their phones to the new operating system.

Also will have seen some pictures of the phone thanks to a user of XDA. Although it is not explicitly running Android or, can see some features of the new version com, for example, the Picture-In-Picture mode that allows you to watch a video while you use other applications in the phone.

Mate 9 Android O

Android or

The details of the new version of the operating system is still revealing, although you have yet officially to devices and is not known for sure what its official name.

The new update will come with significant improvements. For example, it will improve the autonomy of phones by disabling background applications use. As it has been seen in images of XDA, in addition, the new version of the OS includes a PIP mode that allows you to play videos on the phone while the other applications we use. This will allow us to see video clips while we consult social networks or take note in tutorials from the phone when something interests us.

The notifications are one of the main changes of the new version. In Android or notifications will be in lots, can silence is very easy, with just a touch, or you can prioritize what we create more necessary and silence the rest.

Notifications, in addition, are autodestruir√°n when they are no longer useful. Offers on applications of food or games which expire in a period of time could disappear by themselves, when they are no longer useful. This option would be in charge of the developers, which could include a stopwatch in the alerts so that you are not an infinite number of useless notifications after inactive time.

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Huawei article already is testing Android or Matt 9 internal was published in AndroidAyuda.

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