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HTC X 10 appears in photos confirming your design

The HTC X 10 will be the first smartphone that the Taiwanese company will present in the coming year, at least if confirmed rumors that so far we have heard of this phone, than in appearance it looks like the ship logo this year, and in general will look very own phones from HTC, as now appears to confirm the new photographs in which the mobile design looks.

Design of HTC X 10

The HTC X 10 will be a slightly different smartphone for what are usually mobile company at the beginning of the year. Usually talk about a mobile high-end able to compete with the best, but it is already a lot time HTC has no capacity to rival the Samsung and the iPhone, nor with the Huawei of high-level, and less still if we include some high-quality Chinese mobile great. Perhaps that’s what the company has decided to launch a mobile with a lower level characteristics, as it will be the case of the HTC X 10, a smartphone that clearly will be range medium with a MediaTek helium P10 processor, only own mid-range smartphones.


Now we see the design of the mobile in the photos that accompany this article. We see that the front they highlight two small elements in upper and lower bezels, which will be located upper headset and microphone.

We also see a white color, with a metallic silver rear section, where there are not too many mobile elements and therefore, few frills, to stay with a rather minimalist mobile.


The camera will be located in a corner of the smartphone, framed by a strip of other material, inside which probably will find the antennas of the Smartphone connectivitye, the 4 G modem, WiFi, etc. The metallic design of the rear section is full, no lines crossing the casing, at a time which prevents metal containers of Faraday cage effect.


The HTC X 10 will arrive in January of the coming year and it will be the first smartphone from HTC of 2017. However, it is hoped that with this name still is not considered a mobile new generation, because it is logical that these begin to arrive from a so-called HTC 11.

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