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HTC U Ultra would arrive on January 12 with Google Pixel camera

He HTC U Ultra will be the new smartphone that the company has prepared to launch the 12 of January. We know that HTC is not much less of the company that sells more mobile. But not us can forget of that the Google Pixel have been some of the smartphones of the year, and have been manufactured by HTC. Thus, HTC U Ultra could be of great level. And is that your camera could be as the Google Pixel, but improved.

HTC U Ultra

He HTC U Ultra would be the name final that would have the smartphone that we have known up to now as HTC Ocean Note. And now continue knowing new data of the phone smart, from some of their features, to its more than likely date of launch. Smartphone will feature a screen of no less than 6 inches, hence its name Ultra in its definitive name, and Note on behalf of development. And is that will be a display of great format, something that Yes it will do differentiate is of many others mobile of the market. In addition, the HTC U Ultra will feature a design that will follow the line of the former mobile company, and which is also prescindirá USB Type-Cdecision.


However, also would have to highlight the camera with which would have this new HTC U Ultra. And it is that let us not forget that the last mobile high quality manufactured HTC were precisely the Google Pixel, which stand out for the quality of the camera that has Smartphone. Is says that the camera of the HTC U Ultra not only would be to the level of the of them two mobile of Google, but even could improve it, something that not strange if have in has that them mobile of HTC always have interest by counting with cameras with technologies of great quality.


The launch of the HTC U Ultra also would result in obvious result the launching of a HTC U, that would be a more standard version mobile with a more common screen and it’s not so great. Perhaps with a 5.5 inch or even something less, display by not much exceed 5 inches.

Either way, the two mobile phones would be submitted on 12 January, or at least one of them, and would be the first big release of the company since the arrival of the Google Pixel, which were manufactured by HTC, but who did not receive any reference at any time.

The HTC U Ultra item would arrive on January 12 with Google Pixel camera was published in AndroidAyuda.

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