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HTC One X appears 10, a mid-range premium with big battery

HTC One X 10 will be the next smartphone that HTC will launch. Smart phone aims to become a great option for users looking for a mobile medium range, although premium level, and with a great battery.

HTC One X 10

HTC One X 9 was launched in 2015 as a mobile that it did have a few technical features that failed to be a flagship, but that neither were those of a basic range mobile.¬†This HTC One X 10 would be a similar mobile. It will not highlight for its high-end features, but rather for being a mobile which, without having the best processor on the market, yes integrate features that usually we don’t see in mobile basics. For example, highlights especially the big battery that will integrate this HTC One X 10, but also its design premium, in which metallic finish will bring that high level look on this mobile.

HTC One X10

Probably the mobile will feature a processor of MediaTek, as happened in the case of the HTC One X 9. This is part of a plan from HTC by lowering the price of the phone, but also with the aim of trade smartphones that do not compete with the flagships of the market, in the range of 800 euros, but at a cheaper level, but with features that keep it interesting.

Certainly, it will not be the mobile chosen by users who try to analyse in detail each of the technical characteristics and compare the price of different smartphones, but yes it will be a great choice, for those looking for a phone with a good design, and in this case, with a large battery, then it will be one of the features which will highlight HTC in this mid-range smartphone. Its release is not yet clear, but it will be one of the major smartphones that the company will launch soon after HTC U, that would be the next flagship that would try to compete with Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

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