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How use a keyboard Bluetooth for Android

Bluetooth keyboards are commonly used in computers. However, using them in mobile devices is not as common, while they are very useful to write long texts. In addition, it is really easy to use and configure them. This is how you can use a keyboard Bluetooth for Android.

1.-keyboard Bluetooth

Something key in order to use the Bluetooth keyboard to your mobile or Android tablet is precisely the fact that you have a Bluetooth keyboard. And this is relevant because the keyboard should not be connected to any other device. If you have it connected to your computer, disconnect it, either by turning off the Bluetooth on the computer, or deleting it from the list of connected devices. My recommendation is that if you can disconnect the Bluetooth on your computer, simply do that.

Teclado Bluetooth para Android

2 turn off and turn on the keyboard

Once the keyboard is no longer connected to any device, we can then move to connect to our mobile or Android tablet. To do this, first turn off the keyboard and then back on again. If the keyboard was connected to a device before, it is possible that keep trying to connect to that device and not us to connect it with a new one. So first turn off and then turn it on again. It is possible that your keyboard requires a special way to be recognized by another device. If so, chances are that you have a button with the Bluetooth symbol. Keep pressed this until some LED begin to blink, which indicate that can connect is with another device.

3.-active the Bluetooth on your Android

Obviously, to be able to use a keyboard Bluetooth will be necessary activate this type of connectivity wireless in the mobile or the tablet Android. For this, you can go to them settings fast and activate it, or go to settings > Bluetooth. Gives equal what option choice, but in the following step will have that go to the settings, so can save you have that do two steps different.

4.-look for the keyboard from settings > Bluetooth

Go to settings > Bluetooth on your Android. Some times have the possibility of activate the Bluetooth directly from settings, but not is this what you must do, you must press on the word Bluetooth for access to all them options. It normal is that we find with a window in which appear all those devices Bluetooth that have configured before with our mobile. But also is normal that already in this window our smartphone attempt to locate any device Bluetooth available.

If not is thus, in the section below can that has a button that says, “search devices”. Or if not, in the menu that will find in the corner top right should make a choice that is “search”.

If have time consuming much time in starting to search devices, can that the keyboard is has off. Remember return it to turn and return to activate the search of new devices following the step 2.

5.-configure the keyboard and your mobile Android

This last step not would have why be necessary with all the keyboards, only with some. It is possible that your mobile phone or tablet Android appears in a numeric code that you must write with the keyboard to confirm the connection between the two devices. It is usually a code of six numbers. You write with the keyboard and press the Enter key. With this, you can now use a Bluetooth keyboard for Android, that will be very useful if you usually write frequently.

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