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How to use my Google activity and manage everything what is known about you

We all know that the vast majority of the data that are managed on the Internet from an Android device or service of the Mountain View company are registered on any of your servers. As well, with the new service Google my activity can know them all and, in addition, to manage the stored quite easily. We tell you how to achieve this.

The truth is that it is a success the arrival of my Google activity, since functionality was necessary in which would be what the company records of what you are doing with your services (such as the search engine or the terminals with Android operating system). And all that at the same time, would allow some control. The case is that both mobile and on the web can be used my Google activity.

Asistente de inicio de Google Mi actividad

To manage the new service is certainly necessary to conform the Google account that is going to manage the information , so this is the first step and should not surprise that you seek to enter new data or, in their absence, that is confirmed from the Android device that you want to access this (this you can see here how is enabled).

Use Google my activity

The truth is the management of the information that appears, on the other hand is nothing complex shows how much Google knows each user that uses their services, and this, it is much more important than the own data manipulation (surprises even it is recorded when da use to an application from the Android devices). Search content by the way, is very simple at the top there is a space for this purpose.

For delete a record , what you have to do is click the icon with three vertical points that exist in each of the cards (top right) and choose this option from the drop-down menu that appears. Before that, it is advisable to see the specific details , because in this way you have all possible information.

Listado Google Mi  actividad
Eliminar registro en Google mi actividad

The truth is that Google my activity is a more useful tool (more than the record, in my view), since it contributes many data quite visually and easily. ye shall give you use this service?

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