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How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer

From your computer you can check your timeline of Instagram, can give likes, see your notifications and discover new galleries. Instagram launched a universal application for Windows 10 at the end of last year and also added some features from the website of the social network, which allows us to our account without having to install anything but neither the application nor the web version allow you to upload photos to Instagram from your computer.

However, even you can not upload photos on Instagram from the computer in the official app. Instagram is intended for photography from mobile phones, but each one is haer-free with your profile what you want (while respecting the rules). Well because we made them with the camera, because like we retouch on the computer or simply because they are images we have on our hard drive. Because we have no data or WiFi connection on your computer or for any other reason, many times we’d like to be able to upload photos to Instagram from the computer without using the phone. And it can be.

Upload photos to Instagram from your computer

Gramblr is a for Windows and Mac. A tool that you will have to download if you want to upload your photos of Instagram from the computer. Installation is simple and uuna time within the program, you will be asked some data for registration: email, password, Instagram username and password of your account on the social network.

Once installed and created your account, you can upload photos instantly or schedule them so that they appear later. To upload the photo allows you to crop them to your I fancy, add frames, stickers, effects… It allows drawing on the photograph or add text. The Gramblr photo editor is much more complete than conventional editor in the mobile application. You can edit as much as you want and, at the end, press the “Save” button.


Once you have your image ready to publish, as the application for mobile devices, you can etiquetar who you want and add a caption before you get your picture on Instagram from computer. The computer program also allows you to add emoticons directly from it without having to copy or look in other pages. With the caption and ready labels, you can decide if you post it at the time or the programs to more late, a function that the official application does not allow even from its version for mobiles.


Gramblr counts also with a all photos uploaded to Instagram from the computer history. Appear all that you upload even if you then delete them from your profile.

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