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How to simulate tool Doze at terminals without Android Marshmallow

In more than one occasion we have commented that the tool Doze is an of the best tools that is included in Android Marshmallow, while initially his operation not was all it optimum that is expected (something that already not is thus). The case is that if your terminal uses a version of the system operating of Google previous to the indicated not can enjoy of this option, something that you have how simulate of a form simple.

And, all this, no need to unprotect (root) the terminal that is has, already is a phone or tablet. Therefore, apart from the simplicity at the time of get them applications corresponding, not there is another form, not is puts in danger the device in question, since not is necessary manipulate it of form special and if what is get not convinces, with delete it made is more than enough.

Logotipo de Android con batería

Is your phone compatible with Doze? So it can know

What do you get with Doze tool?

Basically, saves battery as processes which Android handsets run, “killing” that aren’t needed and restricting those who do not have fundamental condition is managed properly. The case is that autonomy is greatly benefitted, which is always good for users.


Get it on your Android

As we have said, get the tool Doze in an Android without Marshmallow is possible (although the replica not is to the 100%). That Yes, once the corresponding applications are proceed to the configuration of each one of is customized to fit the needs of each user. This, by the way, not is especially complicated and, it best, is try each possibility that offers each development to see the effect that is gets.

So, Doze, the secret weapon of Android 6.0 to reduce consumption (configuration)

The recommendation we make is the use of combination the following developments: Greenify and NetGuard (is not disposable other so-called Doze, from which we also leave the link). The first advanced management of consumption allowing is evaluating specific situations and, even, the time of day that is. It is very complete.

WP-Appbox: Greenify (Free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: NetGuard, firewall without root (Free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Doze – For Better Battery Life (Free, Google Play) →

Netguard, for its part, is which will be the management of the use of the applications, both if connection as if this is not true. A recommendation, do not forget to activate the option Allow WiFi when the screen is switched on, otherwise you may experience connectivity issues.


In the case of a terminal rooted , recommendation changes, because there is a job that allows you to emulate the Doze much more optimally and uniquely tool: Servicely. Its use is very simple, and the truth is that the power when set is excellent.

WP-Appbox: [root] Servicely (+Free, Google Play) →

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