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How to share your Google calendar with other users

Occasionally, either by personal or professional needs is required to share the calendar that is used to organize every day with the Android terminal. The most common is to use the Mountain View company’s own.  To achieve what we have formerly mentioned, there to do anything particularly complicated. You will learn step by step how share your Google Calendar.

A step which brings into play the personal information, this being must think very well if the step is performed and, to do so, the permissions to be given to the user with which to share your Google Calendar. The case is that we believe that it is advisable to carry out the process from the web client (link) that, obviously, will be reflected in their own phones and tablets with Android.

Apertura de calendario de Google

What you should do

Then leave the steps that you have to be able to share your Google calendar with a user who also has a Google account . You must give them in the order we propose and without skip none (and not endangered is the integrity of this). This is what you have to do:

  • Once you are on the web from the calendar, on the left is the list of the different that you have, if you put the cursor over any of them appears a small arrow pointing down and that, when pressed, appears a few options

Cómo compartir tu calendario de Google

  • Select share this calendar, which is one of the available. A new window will appear
  • Now, for sharing your Google Calendar, in the section share with specific people you must write the email address of the user to which you want to give permissions

Comaprtir con otro usuario un calendario de Google

  • Very important in the right drop-down to select the type of access that you want to have, whether to edit or simply to see if you’re busy or not
  • This is done, click on add person

Simple is all you have to do to share your Google calendar with a user with Gmail account. By the way, if you want to revoke what has been done, on the same screen which gives high, next to each person with access, there is a Trash icon. Press it and… done!

Other tutorials can find them in this section of Android support, where there are different options apr Google tools and services.

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