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How to send physical postcards from your mobile Android

If you are or are going on vacation, it is certain that you have not forgotten your mobile phone. After a trip, before we met the family or friends to show them the photos we had taken. Now, just send them via WhatsApp or upload them to social networking so that everyone can see them. But physical postcards you can send from your mobile Android.

But one of gifts par excellence to the return of a journey are still postcards. The physical. Receive a postcard in the buzón, in these times, continues to provoke illusion. Choose a postcard, write it down and take it to a mailbox in the city you’re travel not always is easy or comfortable but tu Mobile gives you the option to do so without having to buy the postcard, without a pen and without having to find a mailbox.

Physical postcards you can send directly from your mobile phone, all you need is Internet accessand a beautiful image of the site to which you have traveled and know the address to which want to send it.

My Post@l

Post has its own Android application that lets you convert any photograph you’ve done with your mobile in a postcard to send by regular mail. You can write her hand or so digital and retouch the photo before sending it.

Once you’ve chosen the photograph, retouched with whimsy and written what you put on the card, you can send it anywhere outside or inside Spain. The first shipment is free. To recipients in Spain will cost 1.90 euros, within Europe for 2.65 euros and the other countries will have a price of 2.90 euros.

WP-Appbox: My Post@l (+Free, Google Play) →

Postal Correos


Beyond the implementation of post, there are other options that allow you to send physical postcards to friends and family. One of them is Touchnote. The application lets you choose just a photograph or to do a collage with your favorite holiday. The app also has filters and frames to add to your photographs.

Once chosen your images podras pass to write a message, add the address and send it. In addition to postcards, you can send personalized greeting cards to wish birthday or Christmas, for example.

Shipping is free to anywhere in Spain or Europe and it is estimated that the postcard arrives within five working days. The price of postcards is about 2.99 euros and 4.50 euros cards.

WP-Appbox: Touchnote (Free, Google Play) →

Postal Touchnote

Paper Lover

Only a few days ago we showed some options to print pictures from your mobile phone without having to pass them on to any other format or device, directly from the gallery. Among the options, Paper Lover. Paper Lover lets you choose a picture from the gallery and send it to anyone to show him that you remember during your trip. Will only have to install the application, please write something nice, rellanr the address and send.

The price of the postal is 3.50 euros with shipping included. Contrary to the above options, this service takes a little more to get to the receiver… About a week from send the postcard until you arrive.

WP-Appbox: Paper Lover – print photos (Free, Google Play) →

Paper Lover

Options that will make you look good with family and friends during the trip and that will save you get pens and a mailbox search. In addition, thanks to your Android phone, you no longer have to take turns between the halls of the souvenir shops looking for a postcard that fits what you are looking for. Now design choose you you, away from the typical images of each capital.

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