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How to see the end of the 2016 Champions on your Android phone

Today is the big day for fans of Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid, since it is disputed the end of the 2016 Champions in the Stadio San Siro, Milan. The two Madrid teams play is the most prestigious trophy in Club which takes place in Europe. But, perhaps, can be in front of a TV to follow him, which ceases to be a problem if you have an Android device and Internet connection, as we’re going to explain.

A detail that should be considered before beginning playback is that data consumption, especially if one gets the extension, can be very high. So it is more than advisable to be connected to one WiFi network If possible. Otherwise, the most appropriate data coverage is 4 G, which ensures stability of the image is suitable in the phone and tablets to see the end of the 2016 Champions.

Final Champions 2016

How to see the end of the 2016 UEFA Champions

These are the best options that you can find to view the anticipated party at 20:45, when the College will give the initial beep and the players will begin to contest every ball to take the trophy to Vitrines of his teams (will be the city that you will enjoy the celebrations, in either case, Madrid).

The first possibility is to use Atresmedia, which has the broadcasting rights in open party and, therefore, will be in Antena 3 where you can see free of charge. Then leave the download link:

WP-Appbox: Atresplayer (*, Google Play) →

If you are subscriber of Movistar + have the option to use the application that this platform has, call Yomvi . Therein, as well as see also live by Antena 3 party, you have the option to see the end of the 2016 Champions for beIN Sport, since all subscribers can see your live broadcast without having a contract package. This is the download:

WP-Appbox: YOMVI (Free, Google Play) →

Finally, do not leave comment that beIN Sport has proper application, it will be possible to enjoy the end of the 2016 Champions. Download the image that we leave after this paragraph:

WP-Appbox: beIN SPORTS (Free, Google Play) →

If see it live is not possible since, for example, the quality of the connection is not very good, you are a couple of options. The first follow through the direct Web page AS, where all actions can be known immediately. Radio live can also be your great ally and, for example, the application of Cadena Ser, is one that becomes a great solution:

WP-Appbox: Cadena SER Radio (Free, Google Play) →

Case is to enjoy of a good football match at the end of the 2016 Champions who compete for Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, and wins the best team. good luck to both!

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