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How to remove “Update available” notification on Android

Usually there are many users who are interesting in a new operating system update to install on your smartphone. However, it is not always so. If there is an update available for your mobile phone, you don’t want it to install, and bothers you permanent notification, so you can delete this notification.

Available update notification

Are not talking about a simple notification of update available, so are many when it comes to notifications from applications. We speak rather of when we have a notification of an update to firmware available for your mobile phone. If this is the case, you may want it to install, but also can you not. For example, if we know that the Update OTA may be because previously installed a version of firmware that was not corresponding to your mobile phone, or even if the phone already works well and we don’t want that an update can worsen this, we will not want to update. However, it will still appear the notification. How can we change this? Then in a very simple way.

Trucos Android con destornillador

Actually, what we are going to do is finish with the application that is responsible for updates. To do this, we will have to go to settings > applications, and here you can move tabs until you find ‘All’, in which we will see all our smartphone applications. Here we must locate the updates. Normally, is hereinafter referred to as “Software updates”, “Firmware updates”or “[name of manufacturer] updates”.

Once you have located it, click on this, so that we can access settings on this app. And now we just have to disable the app. For this, we look for the button thus expressing “Disable”, which will be one of the first that appears.

From now on, will no longer work the updates feature, so it will not locate any available new version of operating system, and therefore neither will appear notification that informs us of the availability of the same.

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