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How to organize your books with your mobile Android

Lovers of reading held today in Spain the book day. Possibilities that provides you with your Android phone if you like reading and if you like the books are many. Rather than being able to read ebooks on your phone, you can use your mobile phone to organize your physical library. You will learn how to organize your books from your Android phone.

If you want to have on your mobile phone a list of books you have at home to organize, if you want to remember what books you have in your parents House and do not remember… If doubts of whether you have already purchased a book or not, or if you want to recommend someone a tome of your library without knowing the author or his publisher, your mobile Android helps you.

How to organize your books

To create the catalog of your books on your mobile, you will have to download the application Book Catalogue. It’s a free app available in the Google Play Store. Once you install the application and open it, allows you several options: my books, add books, settings… To begin to organize your library, you have to click on ‘Add Book’. You can add it through the ISBN, looking for it online or by scanning its barcode.

If you want to scan your entire current library of quickly and efficiently we recommend you do it using the barcode. Clicking on the option will appear a reader in to scan the code book and, once scanned, will be shown all your information and you will just have to save it. Information you want, you can add comments. You can rate how much the book you like through a system of one to five stars.  In the file of the book you will be shown your ISBN, its name, its author, and an image of its cover.

Cómo organizar tus libros con Android

You can also select which library you want the workbook is saved. So, you can organize by categories and you’ll find it easier to find something or take a quick look. When checking your library can do so by categories or all books. In libraries, you can order by alphabetical order of the author but also by rating, by location, by date, or by date of inclusion in the app, among others.

In addition to storing the data of your books can search for data in Google Books, Amazon, Goodreads or at LibraryThing. You can, in addition, synchronize your application with goodreads or export your library to do a backup and have always available at a glance what books you have. Since they can belong to several libraries at the same time you can, for example, make a list of your books provided to have them controlled and not forget when have given them who and when has been returned.

A completely free and recommended application that has more than 100,000 insyalaciones in Google Play Store.

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