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How to move photos from your Android to the computer wirelessly

The phone has become a camera that we use every day. One of the great fears of many people is what would happen if mobile phone break and all photos are lost, without possibility of recovery. We recommend to always make backup copies of the files and that stores photos on a hard drive, a PC or any other hardware storage. To do this, you will learn como pass photos from your Android to the computer wirelessly.

Transfer mobile to the computer is a simple process, far from the complications posed by plugging a Nokia phone and download a specific software to move files. The process is Quick and easy if both devices have Internet access.

The most simple option to take photos from your mobile to your computer is via email. You can simply send them as files attached to your own email account and download them from your computer. However, although just a simple process will help you if you want to send two, three or four photos without too much weight. Where are many images or files that you want to move from one to another, will become a process too heavy and uncomfortable that you do not recommend using. There are more options.

In the cloud

To pass large quantities of images to as many devices as you want and access them from anywhere, there are services in the cloud. This will not only allow you to pass photos from the phone to the computer wirelessly, also the opposite process. You can keep direct connection from the computer to the phone but also from any other computer if you access your account in the cloud. Among the most popular services for Android, Dropbox and Google Drive.

WP-Appbox: Dropbox (Free+, Google Play) →

In the first case, it’s a software simple and basic, just install the application on your phone and the computer. Once you create a user account, you can access the app from your phone and click on the button “+” that will open a dropdown to add pictures or files. In addition, since the application itself you can organize the images folder. For access from the computer, the process is similar: there will only be access the downloaded application and copy and paste the pictures that you want.

Cómo añadir archivos a Dropbox

Dropbox also allows you to activate the function “rises camera” for those who forget to make backup copies on a regular basis. This function saves the Dropbox account automatically all the pictures made with the phone’s camera.

WP-Appbox: Google Drive (Free, Google Play) →

The operation of Google Drive is similar: just have a Google account, download the application on your phone, select and add files and traslasdarlos to the application. Once you synchronize (depending on the volume may take a slightly more) come to the computer and you can use them and keep them where you want.

Cómo añadir archivos Google drive


Beyond storage applications in the cloud, there are apps designed specifically for the wireless transfer of files. An example of which is AirDroid. To use this service simply that the two devices are connected to the same WiFi network and you can find the application for download in Google Play. To run the application you will have to enter the URL that shows the Internet browser of the computer, accept the connection and start exploring. AirDroid not only allows you to transfer files from the phone but you will allow you to manage all the mobile applications from your computer, just by logging on to the web page of the service. Through the website, you can access a mobile file manager and thus transfer all your photos or videos.

WP-Appbox: AirDroid: (+Free, Google Play) remote access →

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