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How to make payments between friends from the Mobile Android

All carry the phone in your Pocket. The majority, also with wired Internet access (not to say all). But not everyone the world always has money in cash or will not see someone that owes money. A problem that may occur, for example, in dinner with friends, shared gifts, party organizations. Each one must be a number and is inevitable that the count is a riotous, that one forgets, that one does not pay.

But mobile phones are to assist in tasks such as this and few practical options to use the phone to the pay. Why payments among friends from the mobile, and between individuals in general, are becoming more common thanks to apps dedicated to this. There are many possibilities.


See is a simple way to share money. You can send and request money instantly without tenVaer that pay commissions. The application is very easy to use. Just download it at Google Play Store and link a credit card in your account, which will allow you to have balance. With your balance, you can make payments to your friends and even add a message so know why did the transfer.

See creates events. The application connects to the Facebook account and allows you to add to your social network friends to make it easier to organize parties, dinners and gifts. In the event the information is displayed to get your friends: date, location, description, price… and will create a common pot that you can pay for all dinner.

See available throughout Europe and can usuarlo anyone who has given of high and have a credit card, without being any particular bank client and with a limit of 400 euros transfer. That Yes, transfers are made effective two working days after they are made.

WP-Appbox: See: Send and receive money (Free, Google Play) →



Twyp is the ING Direct application to share money. Despite being of a particular bank, anyone can use it whether or not client of the Bank. The app runs between Spain and Holland users and can use it anyone to give high service and who have a credit card.

Linking the application to your cardTwyp becomes a virtual wallet that you can send money to your friends and will be sent the following day or the same day, provided it is working. With Twyp you can send a maximum of 1,000 euros per year without any Commission.

WP-Appbox: Twyp by ING (Free, Google Play) →



Bizum allows transfers to be made instantly, without waiting a day or two as in previous cases. This application counts with integration of the implementation of each Bank and is not a proper application as such. A total of 27 Spanish banks are integrated with Bizum and you will have to activate the service directly from the website of your bank. There is to be a customer of any of them in order to use the application but the catalogue is broad.

The app is linked to your bank account, unlike the other two options that were tied to the card. Once download the app on your mobile phone you can make transfers from bank account to bank account of any person just having your phone number, without that needed nothing more. Unlike the previous two, this app does not have virtual wallet, does not work with the credit card, or lets you create events or send a message to your contacts.

The most money you can transfer in this application is 500 euros a time. You will be able to perform up to 30 operations a month but is a figure that varies depending on the Bank with which you are operating.


You can send money to any person via your PayPal account. Envar money to friends or relatives can just by entering your email address or your phone number wherever they are and only by entering your security key.

If you need that someone to send you money for something you can simply share your page PayPal.Me by SMS or email and when the other person receives the link only you will need to login and enter the amount. The transfer is free of charge if you use your PayPal balance or your bank account but will be charged a small Commission if sent money from the credit card.

WP-Appbox: PayPal (Free, Google Play) →

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