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How to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy with Smart Switch

If you have a good amount of information on your mobile phone, something that is becoming more common, it is highly recommended to put this safe to make a mistake or problem that this Miss irreparable way. Us we tell you how to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy without major complications and may have to waste much time in the process.

To do this we have decided to use a tool that provides the Korean company, called Smart Switch , which is used in installed on computers (whether PC or Mac, although there is a version for mobile devices that is recommended to be installed). The case, is that all is very simple at the time of copy of security of your Samsung Galaxy and, what is sure, is that not lose information any.

Software download

Obviously the first thing you have to ahcer is get the applications necessary. You can download itself for the mobile device in the image that is behind st paragraph, while the own for PC and Mac in their corresponding links. When you have them, you have to proceed to its installation to have everything ready to make the backup of your Samsung Galaxy (by the way, in the version for Apple customer need to install Additionally Android File Transfer so that everything works correctly).

WP-Appbox: Samsung Smart Switch Mobile (Free, Google Play) →

For complete them processes, simply you must follow the steps that van appearing in screen because the Assistant is of it more intuitive and does complication any since everything is very common. Done, now you can start with copying data.

Proceso de instalación de Smart Switch

Save your data

To make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy now you have to follow the instructions we provide in the order indicate them and without skip any . Once you finished them, you’ll already have all your information safe:

  • Runs the application Smart Switch
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable, software will automatically recognize the connection
  • On the mobile device, you must set the configuration itself to transfer data using the card that indicates that the USB connection is activeInterfaz de uso de Smart Switch
  • Made this, the application of the computer will recognize that the terminal is ready and can begin with the copy of security of your Samsung Galaxy
  • Now you must click on the option backup (Backup) and in the mobile terminal you must enable permissions requested by pressing OK on the screen
  • It all begins and you must wait for the end of the transfer of the information

Dar permisos en terminal Android

  • When complete, click on OK and you have stashed your data

Restore a backup

Is it possible that at one point you need to restore the information that you have saved to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy. What you have to do is the following:

  • You run the Smart Switch application and the Android terminal connects to the computer
  • Click on the option restore and select the backup that you want to
  • Accept, if necessary, the granting of permits on the phone

Realizar copia de seguridad con Smart Switch

  • Starts the process that you must wait to be complete and, finally, click OK to make your backup for your Samsung Galaxy operational

Other tutorials for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where there are attractive options and useful.

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