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How to know exactly what Android version used a phone or tablet

Sure that on more than one occasion had to know the version of the Android operating system is used in the phone or tablet that is. This is necessary to know well to be clear whether an application is possible giving use or not and, also, if it is worth to install an update that is available (we talk about processes manual and not automatic).

The truth is that this is some of the simplest know it, provided that you have clear steps to follow to do this. The case is that Google’s own operating system includes this information that is revised and, to this end, must Access the settings of their development, something that can be achieved using the icon shaped sprocket that is in the list of installed applications.

Actualiación del sistema oeprativo Android

Done this, you can see all the possibilities of configuration and information offering Android, which are very many (especially when compared to the iOS), allowing both customize the operation of your phone or tablet as the information that we are talking about.

Steps to take

Once you have the list of settings on the screen, you must get off at the end of all of them, and then you must perform the actions indicated below so you know exactly the information the version of the operating system that you are using your phone, either a phone or a tablet (we have taken as a reference a ‘pure’ version of the development of Google):

  • Look for the section about the phone and press the
  • Now as you can see all the information you need to know the information you are looking for
  • Most importantly, Version Android and, also, both their own system and kernel since this indicates advanced
    Sistema Android
    Icono versión Android
  • If you press several times on the Android version, you can see the logo of the operating system that you use that it appears on the screen

Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where you will find options for the more interesting.

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