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How to join the Beta program of Android?

He program Beta of Android is the best way of getting them versions of firmware more updated of Android official. Clear is, not are the versions definitive, but are versions in testing, in phase Beta. However, if you want and have a compatible device you can sign up on Android in Beta program to receive these updates and test the features of future versions before anyone else. But, how?

Android Beta program

Actually sign up for the Beta program of Android is the easiest. It is almost as easy as download an app, or how to update it. We are already in the Beta program for Android, our mobile will be activated to receive notifications of new updates available, which will trial version of what in the future will be an official and final version. How to register? Because accessing the web that Google has dedicated to this specific form.

Program Beta for Android

Here you reported all the information about this program, and you should read it if you want to be aware of everything that supposed to sign up for this program. However, scrolling down you will see the option in which you can join this program. To do so, before you’ve had to be logged in with your Google account, and having confirmed your details if you have enabled authentication in two steps.

Android Logo

Something to have in account

That Yes, keep in mind some things before trying to be part of the Beta program for Android. One of them is that only a few mobile are compatible with this program. Among them are the Nexus more recent, as well as the Google Pixel, as is obvious, and some mobile with Android One.

In addition to this, if you si te unes unes you will have access to new versions of operating system officially, to trial versions. And as they arrive new updates will be receiving notifications that inform a possible firmware update. Finally, you will also receive the official operating system, final version. However, you’ll still attached to the Android Beta program. If you decide to quit, you will receive a definitive official update for your mobile, but all data from your phone, something that you should keep in mind will erase.

Finally, don’t forget that trial versions may contain errors and defects that make the operation of the mobile not the perfect.

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