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How to join the Beta of any app on Google Play

The Beta versions of each of the applications offer options and functions that are available before that in the final version. Always is possible that with some errors, but in any case are it best if we want to be the first in test them news. It is not necessary to complicate your life, because it is usually possible to register in the Betas of the applications from the own Google Play to try these Betas.

The extension of the Beta versions

It has become very popular that any developer can launch your mobile application on their own initiative. This has led to applications are not as good as that might be. It is not bad, actually. The only thing that happens is that a sole developer not can carry out processes that a large company, such as debugging time and again the app by different engineers, test it on all devices that will be available, etc. The most useful for this is launching a Beta of the application program and are users who act in testers, alerting of errors and possible improvements. This has been popularized both that it is used even for big companies, that do have more chances, but that they do not find a better way to analyze their apps.

Increasingly more applications come out in beta, and normally the news reach always before these versions, what makes them interesting for users more geek. Now, some do not want to complicate your life downloading the app from the website of the developer, and not losing the automatic updates. But the truth is that today that don’t have because many applications offer access to the beta from the own Google Play.

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How to register in any app Beta program?

First, the application must have a Beta program already launched on Google Play. We will put as an example three apps that have it, Facebook, WhatsApp and Nova Launcher. When you go to Google Play, and look for one of these apps or any other having a program Beta, you will only have to scroll to bottom to see the option in which you can join the Beta.

I.e., instead of installing the application of conventional form, in the upper section, scroll down to bottom and here select the option to join the Beta program. The good news is that you so you will have access to the Beta automatically updates, without having to download the app again whenever a new version comes out. And you don’t have to activate the option of unknown origins to install an app that comes out of Google Play.

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