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How to install Game Launcher of the Galaxy S7 on other Samsung

Game Launcher tool is one of those that have been included in the Samsung Galaxy S7 (in all its variations) and allows to make the users life easier when running games on their mobile devices. The fact is that this development is possible to install it in other models of the Korean company as we will explain in this article.

If you do not know Game Launcher , you have to know that this work offers several interesting options when running games. For example, allows to disable notifications while you are in the middle of a game, makes it possible to take screenshots or record videos easily and, in addition, offers the possibility to disable some of the capacitive buttons that are not used by mistake at a given time.

Game Launcher en ejecución

Case is that Game Launcher only comes installed by default in the Galaxy S7 Samsung TouchWiz, but is there a way to have it available in other models, such as for example the Galaxy S6, without that will put at risk any terminal and the process is particularly complex. In addition, it is not necessary to be root, which makes it more attractive for all.

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Installation of Game Launcher

We process have followed it with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but it is compatible with others (unfortunately, to check if this is the case, must be the excellent technique of trial and error), since there is no any official guide. That Yes, the Android version that should be on the target device is Marshmallow -with other previous, execution may not be effective or, in the best of cases, erratic-.

The case is what you have to do something as simple as install APK files on the target device so that you have the tool that is heading in the Samsung Galaxy S7. To do this, remember that you have enabled the option of unknown sources in the terminal settings. Then leave those that are necessary in the proper installation order:

  • Game Mode
  • Game Tools
  • Game Launcher

Interfaz de Game Launcher del Samsung Galaxy S7

Once asked to the three installations, you can already enjoy the tool on your Samsung device and optimize the games that you play this summer in your phone or tablet. Other tricks for Google’s operating system you can meet them in this section of Android support.

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