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How to improve the sound quality of Spotify in Android

The truth is that we have focused the issue in improving the sound quality of Spotify, but trick – actually through an app – we are going to discuss will be used for any type of music player, both on the device and streaming on Android.

We will not keep the secret much more, it’s options that gives us an application called FX Equalizer which, as we have seen, is of the few that can really help us to improve the sound that we enjoy Spotify in particular.

It is not a free application, but nor should we invest a lot of money. Equalizer FX costs 1.99 euros but has been in promotion – and perhaps you can still fish promotion – to download it for free.

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A way to improve the sound on Android from almost all sources of music

And it is that there will be something that will not be affected by Equalizer FX settings, and is the FM Radio, if it is that our device has a receiver. It is an element that with the advent of services like Spotify, the podcast and, above all, the rates with dozens of megabytes matters little now because much listening, even your favorite chain through its app.

Entering the options that FX Equalizer gives, it is possible to have 12 presets of settings and create our custom for lovers of a certain type of music or sound to listen to it with the highest quality.

pantallas equalizer fx

It has special things like a bass boost, allowing us to increase or lower the lowest sound frequencies as well as offers a VIRTUALIZER for audio channels. Finally, among its functions is an amplifier of sound, i.e., a booster of the gain. It must be said that these three settings are not “absolute”, i.e., we can select the intensity that we give to each of them.

pantallas equalizer fx

Best of all is that we also have a widget on the desktop screen to quickly access all the settings that we have done if we change of musical rhythm. That allows us with just two click Reconfigure the audio of the smartphone or Android tablet. Actually, what we can do in the widget is see the configuration that we have applied, activate or deactivate the equalizer, and, if you press up, entering the app to make adjustments. In addition, each time we activate it and disable us can get a notification that tells us the profile that we have enabled in the application. It remains a practical and convenient shortcut.

These are all possibilities for Equalizer FX, the truth is that it may seem that you have few options or that it is limited, but also you can ensure it does, does well and at the end isn’t that what it is?

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