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How to identify the annoying hidden numbers with this app

One of the worst ways that try to sell us something is by annoying phone calls in which leave us numbers hidden or unidentified. It is another form of SPAM and quite cowardly, since they do not teach the number so we can not block it. But that is something which, fortunately, can counter applications for these cases there are in Google Play.
And it is that nothing more annoying to meet an incoming call to discover that it’s a number unknown or hidden, that in the case of this last is worse because it involves a deliberate action to hide it on purpose there is. If these tired of such calls and SMS messages, in the Play Store there are many apps dedicated to this, but we suggest a so-called Whoscall, the application with the best average score today.

Identify the annoying hidden numbers

Whoscall allows us to identify calls and text messages from numbers that are not in your list of contacts, and quickly looking at several different sources:

-In the list of numbers reported by other users
-In searches on the Internet if we are online
-In the data base of the own app, made with 700 million numbers

The range of numbers that the app can block covers used phones for SPAM, scams, telemarketing, automated calls and SMS messages to avoid what in many cases is clearly a reportable telephone harassment. In this way we can also see the actual number that is usually hidden under the ‘hidden’ or ‘unknown’, if we also use the blocking function all smartphone brings by default and that it would apply a second layer for extra protection.

Interfaz de la app Whoscall

Personalized card

Another of its functions is that if we have to we call someone who has our number, the app lets create us a Whoscall Card, a personalized card to show to everyone who receives the call and in which we can write who we are, so that the receiver cannot see simply a number more. But the best thing is that Whoscall also works even if we do not have the phone connected to the network, with an accessible database of form offline. If you are interested we leave the link here, although the app requires that we have Android 4.0 or higher installed.

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