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How to hide certain apps on Android that you do not want to see

We are not going to judge the reasons why finished interested by how hide apps you have on Android before prying, but if needed we will help you with a simple tutorial to keep those that want out of the sight of others.

The apps that we have installed on our Android say a lot about us. What we do, what we like, or what we want to do you can tell looking at the list of software that have downloaded and used. Also if we are talking about some of them that serve to bring together people – with erotic result – as also there is also access them to our profile and our data.

Obviously that many have thought when reading the headline practically that would be power hide that Tinder icon or similar. They are not the only apps that we don’t want you to know that we have been in the mobile. In fact, may be fans of privacy and without doing anything bad, not like it that anyone who can pick up the phone read our conversations of WhatsApp or see our Facebook wall.

For all those who are interested in hide some apps that you are taking in the mobile, I commented that the first step to achieve this, at least in the simplest way, is to download a free application:

WP-Appbox: Hide App, Safe Chat – PrivateMe (+Free, Google Play) →

Hide apps, duplicate accounts in social networks and to hide photos on Android

The truth is that all the choices now are not another thing that take advantage of all that this application offers. First, it is possible to create a space in our terminal where we hosted all those apps that you want to hide.

In addition, the application deletes all trace that you have it in the system, including our record on Google Place within “recent applications” and, most importantly, we can also manage independently the notifications that we have hidden, to not appear in the status bar. What’s more, we can even “disguise them“, so for example, we displayed a notice, supposedly from Gmail or Facebook when it actually comes to Tinder.


It is possible to hide the app from PrivateMe, that you can become, seemingly, a simple calculator that only activates the real interface when we put a combination of numbers or a PIN.

Finally, among other options it will also allow us clone apps and have multiple simultaneous accounts open, for example, on Facebook. I.e., we can have a “open” Facebook application and then a second private with another account that no one can see. And it also has the possibility of creating a hidden photo album in which we esconderemos all of those images that we do not want that nobody can see.

The truth is that the development of apps is becoming so important that already don’t have a deep technical knowledge to achieve results that until recently only got those who were really experts in the field. At the end, now it just install an app and see how our problem is easily solved.

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