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How to have a supervitaminado Charmeleon in Pokémon GO

Charmander, one of the three Pokémon that we could choose in the first titles of the game, and one of the protagonists of the franchise of creatures known to all. It is also one which we can choose in Pokémon. However, there is a trick that we can get that Charmander could become a more powerful Pokémon in its evolution.

Another trick to the evolve

Actually, the trick is similar to which existed and already knew with Eevee, able to evolve in three different types of Pokémon: Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. He trick consisted in changing the name of the Pokemon to a name in concrete in each case to evolve it to the type that would like to. The name that should give you is hiding behind the series of drawings. The three coaches of the series of drawings that had a form evolved from Eevee is called Pyro, Rainer and Sparky. Had that put them that name so to the evolve the Eevee, evolved to an of the forms concrete of each type. Let us remember that Pyro was the coach of Flareon, Rainer was the coach of Jolteon, and Sparky was the coach of Vaporeon, the series of drawings. As well, now comes a new trick that comes from the series of drawings, and affecting Charmander.


A supervitaminado Charmeleon

Those who remember the series, perhaps remember a chapter in which the Ash Charmander meets another Charmander from another coach, one of the first that appears with a nickname in the series of drawings. His nickname is Zippo. Well, if you want that your Charmander when it evolves to Charmeleon has the two most powerful fire attacks that there is, the only thing necessary is nickname Zippo. If this happen, when it evolves will have flamethrower attacks and embers, two attacks that will be very useful when we go to fight in the gym, especially if the fire type has some advantage against Pokémon gyms such as they could be the Pokemon type Critter or flat.

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