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How to get the wireless load on any Android mobile

It is possible that you already know what is the Wireless charging. Some time ago that there are smartphones that are compatible with this technology of battery that does not require cables. However, whatever the mobile phone that you have, so you can get the wireless on any Android mobile chargingd.

Wireless load on any Android

Wireless battery’s charge more technology used is the Qi technology. There are various smartphones that feature compatibility. With this feature, a base of wireless charging to use technology Qi to use itis only required. However, there is a lot of mobile do not have support for this technology. But the best thing is that you can get to apply it.

Carga inalámbrica cualquier Android

You only need a necessary accessory for this. There are different at different prices. I’ve located one with a price of 17 euros which seems to be of quality. However, they can get for much less money, since it’s actually a really simple accessory.

It’s a simple plate with a microUSB connector. The small microUSB connector does not occupy almost site, as it should be only a millimeter out of the connector.  The plate is really fine, by what can be set within your mobile if it has a rear housing that can be removed. Or if it is not, it is always possible to use a cover and that the plate fits into this.

Once we have installed this little accessory, we will need a base of wireless charging, we can get more or less for the same price. Once we leave the phone on this basis, the battery will be charged half this plate that is connected to the smartphone. It is a good way to get wireless charging in any mobile with Android as an operating system.

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