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How to get the best playlists for Spotify

If you are user of Spotify sure that you have a good amount of playlists that fit your tastes according to the time of day in which you find yourself. But, knowing some new is something that is always positive, especially now that good weather arrives. You see to tell where is possible to locate them of form simple and numerous.

The case is that in the service that we’re going to propose, which are accessed using a browser, you can follow different playlists of Spotify if is has gutter and without need of give is of high (est only there are that make it if is you want to show to all what your have). This is the page of which we speak, that has a name of what most call sign:

Listas de reproducción para Spotify

One of the great virtues that have the option we propose, apart from being free, is that it has a really impressive database: more than 170,000 playlists (and uploading), which to that has more than four hundred thousand active users. In addition, ease of use is the predominant note as we will explain, despite the fact that the service is not translated by the time. -something that have not confirmed that it is in the process-.

WP-Appbox: Spotify Music (Free*, Google Play) →

Use of

Spotify playlist to locate is the simplest. There are three routes available: a search engine (a large bar at the top which is written description of what you want to locate, and that is quite effective); then there is the option of reviewing the database by genders and this way to see all the rock that exist; and, finally, is the possibility of to use paragraphs which is located in the service This are just below the search box and allows you to find the new ones, the most followed and, of course, a place in which revise by artist or the name of the user.

Buscar listas de reproducción para Spotify

And how to pass a play list to your Spotify account? As simple as access via the web to this and, when they locate one that you like (it is possible reproeucurla in the page itself), there is a button under the representative image and the name of the user who created it is called Follow Playlist with the icon of service in streaming you should make use of that. Simple is everything.

Compartir lista de reproducción en Spotify

A nice touch is that there is a application own for Android. Its use is appropriate and is quite useful, but the power offered by the website I think that it is much better and easier. Per, if want to download it I leave the link in the image that there then.

WP-Appbox: Playlist A Day (Free, Google Play) →

Other tricks for Google’s operating system, you can meet them in this section of Android support, where there are attractive options and useful.

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