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How to fix Cinemagraphs as wallpaper for Android

For a while this Android wallpapers have evolved more than evident. Today also create our own wallpapers can insert animated backgrounds to boast of a smartphone with the latest (even risking to lose some battery). Today you teach to fix as wallpaper for Android Cinemagraphs.

While at Google Play Store, there are several applications that allow you to configure your favorite GIF animated wallpaper on your phone, not many come with the added option of establishing these animated artworks as backgrounds for our devices.

What is a Cinemagraph?

There is a large number of users that the Cinemagraphs associated with the GIF to the length and breadth of the network. In part, we could say that these users are right, because in this type of media file movement can be seen. What distinguishes both concepts however is that, in the Cinemagraphs, only certain elements of the image, move as shown by the following example.

As you can see, while much of the image is paralyzed, there are areas that present movement, making the Cinemagraphs ideal for configuring content as wallpaper for Android.

Configure Cinemagraphs as wallpaper for Android

LoopWall is a small simple use application that lets you set Cinemagraphs artistic wallpaper on Android in the same way that we could do with the hundreds of programs aimed at this purpose housed in the store of applications from the OS from Google.

The application hides inside a large group of C inemagraphs where you can find everything you are looking for navigating the different galleries that the application offers. From images of architecture to the astronomical themes, animals, entertainment and food is what you can find in LoopWall, free application available for Android.


After choosing a Cinemagraph comes to set it as wallpaper for Android. To do this click on the “Preview” option at the top of the screen and you will get a Preview of wallpaper. Before fixing it, you can change their size as well as adjust the animation speed by touching symbols of rewinding and fast-forwarding.

As we say, the app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store, but if you want to expand the possibilities of LoopWall you can unlock additional Cinemagraphs to buy the complete application for €0.99.

WP-Appbox: LoopWall (Live Wallpapers) (+Free, Google Play) →

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