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How to find cheap parking at Easter with your Android

Especially if we are going to visit the Easter of sites such as Seville, Malaga and other famous towns in these dates, we will have the problem of parking the car and perhaps some shock of what in the end costs us. Find cheap Easter parking is a mission that will be made easier with a simple app on our mobile.

The Easter breaks are usually done by car and destinations are cities in which these dates are celebrated in a special way. Therefore, we have almost insured the problem of parking the car and, above all, the question of how much can cost us. The good thing is that at this stage of the 21st century and the development of mobile apps, it is a problem more manageable since installing some of them on the phone can, at least, know how much is going to cost or where to find a cheap parking at Easter.

Apps to find cheap parking at Easter (and throughout the year)

We have taken advantage of dates but it is obvious that an application like this can be used at any time of the year. Find cheap parking on holidays like Easter can be an Odyssey, especially if we don’t know the area where we are heading. Our faithful Android can be the difference between spend much or little in the parking lot when we travel and there are several apps that allow us to know a priori the cheapest parking we have around or if we get better Park in the area blue/green or save it for several hours in a car park.

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One of them is Telpark, which not only allows us to know which car parks have around, provided that they are public, but also manage the payment on them from the mobile – is over to be doubting if we have to bring money in cash or card, makes everything from phone-. Moreover can be controlled, if we parked on the street in the green / blue, when just us the ticket and if need us to, we can renew a few minutes or hours more the limit we have set.

WP-Appbox: Telpark regulated parking (Free, Google Play) →

We can also recommend Ventaja, also centered as the previous offer a system to quickly find the public car parks we have around or manage tickets from the ORA without the need to be changing the “piece of paper” whenever we need a few more hours. The operation is similar to the previous by what are presented as two alternatives equally interesting.

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Links: → Visit Store → Search Google

But as there is no two without three, we will give a third option through the Wazy platform, and it’s Wazypark. If what we want is to find free Street sites we join this new community of drivers that we receive even a bonus if we offer the site that we are leaving free for another Member of the community. In addition, also has a comparator of parkings close, by what we also know where we would be cheaper parking the car for a few hours.

WP-Appbox: Wazypark – book dnd Park (Free, Google Play) →

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