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How to easily collect pictures of your wedding on your mobile

Organize a wedding gives many headaches. Before the “yes I want” there is too much to organize. Plans and more plans, bills and more bills. Until it reaches the party. One of the most important moments of your life, with hundreds of guests and hundreds of mobile phones and immortalizing the time flashes. Photos and more photos during the ceremony, the celebration… There are some apps that will help you to organize these images and have all your wedding photos on your mobile.

Weddcam, photos of your wedding on your mobile

You often ask yourself who would be made that so funny photo salías well or which photos did the rest when the official photographer was doing you pose seriously. This social network allows to create an event with all your friends, family and guests in general and sharing all the images made during that day or the previous day.

The app allows to organize photographs by sections: preparations, ceremony. Users will access through your account email and password and can upload to the application photos directly from the Gallery of the phone and even from mobile camera.

Apart from the application, Weddcam aims to be a social network for weddings and is there to climb where the photos of the event as if it were a theme Facebook. Photographs, therefore, also can be seen from the website without the need to access from the app. In addition, Weddcam aims to be a point of contact between companies providers and dating quebuscan a service for your wedding day.

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There are other tools and useful applications to organize your wedding day. One of them is Tubodamovil. It’s an app that allows the bride and groom to communicate with the guests and vice versa. To download the application, the bride and groom must “buy” invitations through the service and send them through the same, either in paper or digital.

On invitation, guests receive a QR code that must scan with mobile and will thus have access to the event through the app. Once installed on the guests can RSVP or seek any excuse without having to make that phone call that many avoid to say that not. From the application also can report of food allergies to take account in the menu and guests can access relevant information for the day of the event as places where parking, location of the ceremony and reception, hotels where to stay…

After the event, tubodamovil serves as a photo album shared (like WeddCam) and as a guestbook where leave messages digitally.


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