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How to download your history of WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter

There are some social networks and applications, you probably use every day. It is the case of Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, for example. The usas almost without realizing that, every week, there are accounts of pictures, data or conversations that you hold through them and, indirectly, store in your history.  The history of WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter can be downloaded, with all your conversations, photographs and videos.  You can file it for reference when you come, if you are going to delete the account on the social network and you want to keep a “memory” or, in the case of WhatsApp, you can export it if you change your phone and want to continue to use the account. We explain How to download your WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter history.


Think about how much has changed in a few years, how much you have changed your opinions. All your Tweets are stored in the file of your Twitter. What you thought in 2011, those friends, those comments that perhaps now give you shame. Everything is in the history of our own, that we can download.

From Twitter settings (by clicking on your profile right-wing ‘ configuration and privacy ‘picture) will give you access to several options. Among all the possibilities listed in the menu on the left, the first is ‘Account’. By clicking on it, and making scroll, you’ll find a section of ‘Content’ in which you’ll find “Your Twitter file” and a button where you can request your file.

The file will include everything that we have shared since the beginning of time. Tweets, links, pictures… All. That Yes, you will not download at the moment but that will receive a link from Twitter when you are ready email.

twitter archivo


WhatsApp also keeps all of your conversations. You can keep them if you change your phone and want to continue to have your messages and conversations on the new device. Not only messages, but also images that you send and receive are saved. In addition to save the file on your phone, you can store in the cloud via Google Drive.

To save it in the cloud, can go to the Chats section in settings and access to “Backup”. Once you save it manually, but if you forget, you can set your WhatsApp account to chats are archived on Google Drive each a specific period of time. Once there, you can see when the last backup was performed and it will allow you to store it in Google Drive, so download it. Also, in the event that only a conversation in particular you are interested and you want to save it and have it, can access the chat history and click on “Send chat by email”.

Copia de seguridad WhatsApp


Also you can download everything that you put on Facebook: photography, ideos, talks through the chat or friends, for example. To do this you will have to create a file, easily. Just go to your account settings, enter in the configuration and in the general section, download a copy of the information.


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