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How to download videos and photographs of Instagram

Instagram you can find virtually everything you imagine. The social network of photography is filled with content different, interesting, curious… Pictures but also videos of 60 seconds that are uploaded to the social network of Facebook photo.

Many times we have asked us How to share our contacts with a photograph or a video that we find in the app without having to copy the link and you have to access it. The first case is simple: just a screenshot. The second entails more time but you can also do it. You can download Instagram videos to share them, to save them on your phone’s memory or to what you want. It’s easy.

How to download videos and photographs of Instagram

To download Instagram videos there are applications dedicated to it. For it to work you have to go to the video in question, within the app and click on the three points of the upper right corner, in the publication that is. They will come out different options: ‘Denounce…’, ‘Copy URL’, ‘Activate notifications of publications’ or ‘Share in WhatsApp’. For download you will need the URL of the publication.


Between apps, find InstaSave. When you open the application it will allow you to open Instagram accessed from the app. Once you have entered in Instagram only have to go to find the video you want to download and click on “copy URL”. Once copies the URL the application will download automatically the video in your gallery. With the activated application, it will automatically download all the videos and images of Instagram of which copies the link. If you want to not do it, turn off the app button while you’re not using it and the service is disabled until you do you lack.


In addition to video, you can also save pictures without having to make screenshots and trim later. Both the videos and photos you will see in the section on the app “My saved”, separated into two categories, apart from in the Gallery on your phone. From there you can share images, upload them to other social networks or email them, as you want / need.


WP-Appbox: InstaSave (Free, Google Play) →

Video Downloader for Instagram

Another option is Video Downloader for Instagram like the previous one, once you have installed the application, you will only have to go to Instagram. When you copy a URL from a picture or video, the application will download you automatically on your mobile phone. The app also boasts a history where you can see videos and photos descargadasd.

Descargar videos Instagram

If you don’t want to go to Instagram to copy the link or it’s a link that you have gone directly from any messaging app, you can paste it into the application and will automatically download the video or image with the corresponding.

WP-Appbox: Video Downloader for Instagram (Free, Google Play) →


Finally, you can use Savedeo. The application’s interface is as simple as possible. At the bottom a Clipboard icon appears sobre which you will have to click after having copied the URL of the video you want to download. Once you’ve clicked on the Clipboard, the app will download the video.

WP-Appbox: Savedeo: Fast Video Downloader (Free, Google Play) →

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