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How to differentiate a real a ‘useless’ dual camera dual camera

With the arrival of dual cameras to the world of mobile phones there are many manufacturers who have decided to include a second camera on your smart phone to say that he has a dual camera. But the truth is that not all mobile phones that have a second camera have really a dual quality camera. In many cases, the second Chamber is quite “useless”. How to differentiate from one another?

Useful dual camera

Already by itself could start a debate about whether a dual camera is really useful or is actually pretty useless considering the limitations that has a smartphone when it comes to capturing photographs. However, beyond that, we will say that dual cameras do have some use. And within what are mobile phones with dual camera there are two types that stand out especially. Firstly, we have phones that have a second monochrome camera that captures the image in black and white to so capture more light. In this case, we can find that the two Chambers have the same resolution, or in any case, have high resolution. 13 megapixels in both cases, 13 and 20 megapixels, as in the case of Huawei Mate 9. We have also seen mobile like Umidigi Z Pro, for example. The two chambers are simultaneously used to capture a photo.

LG G6 Camara

The other option of dual camera is that we see on the 7 Plus iPhone or LG G6. It’s two cameras with different focal lengths. A camera is for landscape or urban photography, being wide angle, while the other Chamber is for portrait. In this case, we do not use two cameras at the same time they choose which camera to use in each case. The G6 LG presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017 is an example of this. We can talk about what dual camera is better, but in both cases we are talking about mobile with a dual camera which is useful.

Umidigi Z Pro

Useless dual camera

However, not all them mobile with two cameras have why be really useful. In fact, with the rise of the dual cameras, manufacturers have begun to launch smartphones with two cameras and marketing them as a smart phone with dual camera, when in reality the second Chamber has an almost useless function. It is the case of some mobile presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017, whose second Chamber is limited to measuring the depth of field. They are usually easy to identify these mobile because we find that these cameras never exceed the 8-Megapixel, and even sometimes are only a 2-megapixel. The function of these cameras is to measure the depth of field, focusing on a different principal, and thus item and can then generate different effects by changing the approach of regions of the picture by means of software. We can say that almost everything what is achieved in this case is with software, and that you can get almost the same without a second camera, so it isn’t more than a marketing strategy to sell more mobile.

If you buy a mobile phone and want to tell with a dual camera, at least it is good that you are sure that this camera really offers something, and is not just a matter of marketing.

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