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How to “delete” without Root apps

Apps from the system are those that are already installed on the smartphone and which generally can not be uninstalled with the exception that we have the mobile rooted. Without, however, If you don’t have rooted or if do not want you root, there is still something we can do to eliminate, or nearly eliminate such applications.

Freeing space

Usually these applications that come with the smartphone tend to be known as bloatware. To put an example, only have that talk of the application of notes, or of the calculator, or of the calendar, that comes with every one of our mobile. If we are users of an application like Google Keep, if we have an application of very powerful calculator that we have paid, or if we use Google Calendar, or Outlook calendar, for example, for we have these applications installed we will avail nothing, and they will just take up space. However, without root mobile not able uninstall them in many cases, but we can do something to eliminate much of this apps.

Trucos Android con destornillador

Uninstall updates

Many of these applications, actually, occupy both space because later is have added updates to the same that include more functions and that make that the apps are more heavy while not them use. Clear is, if not the use, for what we were going to want them updates. The first thing we must do to make the app disappear almost is delete all updates, and delete data. All these options them have in settings > applications, moving us to the tab all, and then looking for here each an of those apps that do not want to. To uninstall updates and delete data we will release lots of space.

Disable application

Finally, we need to disable the application. In the same section, next to the button uninstall updates must be a button that says disable. To do this, the application already will not attempt to activate, will not be updated, and therefore will occupy only a little space in your mobile phone, from the code that has the own app, but nothing more.

While the application still continue to occupying something of space, not will be much, and is it best that can do when want to reduce to the maximum the amount of space occupied by an app in concrete.

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