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How to delete all the audio that Google has recorded it

That Google stores many data users that use their services is something that is a reality that must be assumed for squeezing some of its services, as for example Now. But it is possible to delete the information Mountain View have the use that is given to users Android, including voice recordings when you search – Yes, this is also recorded. We tell you how delete all audio that Google has recorded.

In this tutorial we will show how to proceed to achieve that goal, without disabling is to store additional information since this can be interesting to hold for the recommendations that come to the phones and tablets are the right ones. The case is that you can delete all the audio that Google has recorded without any danger in maintaining the usual functionality.

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By the way, that it is not necessary to install any additional application at the time of the steps that we are going to indicate, but it is necessary to make use of to a browser , it is possible to make everything that we propose in a mobile terminal and your home computer. Your choose.

Listado de entradas grabadas por Google al utilizar Android

How to delete all the audio that Google has recorded

Then indicate, step by step, what have to do to get the purpose of this article without excessive complications. It first, is access to this link, where you can manage all what has that see with the voice that has recorded Google of the use that him das to your Android. Then you have that do this:

  • The display shows a list ordered by date in which you can select each entry individually (selected the two documents icon in the top left corner of each card)

Opciones disponibles en la voz grabada por Google en Android

  • Now in the top right corner appears an icon of trash that you must use
  • It is possible to perform deletes per lot, which facilitates the use of this tool. To do this on the initial screen select the icon with three vertical dots that there are up to the right, and then select delete activity by…
  • Appears a new window on the possible is set the parameters to be used, as for example the date
  • Select according to your needs and the action

Opciones de borrado por lotes de voz en Android

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A time made this, you’ve got delete all the audio that Google has recorded, by what not there will be trace some of what has made with your device mobile and begin of zero. Other tutorials for the operating system of the Mountain View company can find them in this section of Android support.

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