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How to customize your own avatar of Pokémon GO

One of the options which have been included in the game Pokémon GO with the arrival of updates, is the possibility of changing the appearance which has the avatar that participates in one of the great successes of the summer – and which has allowed Nintendo to gain strength in the market. The case, is that now the development is much more customizable.

The truth is that the options are not the largest we have seen, but successfully that getting the game (an example of this are the countless “Meetups” that over the weeks occur between people who actually do not know nothing), is worth explaining how gets change the appearance of the avatar on Pokemon GO.

Imagen avatar inicial en el juego Pokémon GO

PokeDetector, the app that tells you what Pokemon there are close and where are

Before anything is positive do not need to install absolutely anything to get it, since all the possibilities that are heading are integrated into the game itself. In addition, if changes that are made are not convinced, reversing them is so simple as return to make the changes that you wish to.

What you have to do in Pokémon GO

Once you have opened the game, you must click on the face of the avatar and, when you are on the page where you see its appearance full, get the same icon that has three horizontal lines. Among the options that appear, you can select personalize.

Interfaz de cambio de avatar en Pokémon GO
Proceso cambio avatar Pokñemon GO

A window appears in which is your appearance and, on the right, the modification options , which are the following: skin tone, hair, color of eyes; Cap; Shirt; Pants; shoes; backpack, and, finally, the gender. The possibilities are somewhat limited, and in many cases the only thing that varies is the used color or drawings of clothing. But it’s something.

Modificación de avatar en Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO solo is 10% of what will be the final game

At the bottom there two buttons very useful. The left, which has an arrow pointing to the left is to redo the step taken, and the one on the right with a blade configuration, indicates a Pokémon GO that you have completed and that you must save the changes. Simple is another.

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