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How to control the volume of the mobile from touch screen

Today, we will help you solve one of the everyday problems that we the users of smartphones. That hard time our small terminal of no more than 5 inches begins to complicate life with their first failures. Remove one of those mistakes today forward and give more life to our phone. It is none other than the physical volume control keys is stuck and stop working, that complicated is to change the configuration of the volume of the mobile without these three small side buttons.

VolumeSlider application we can forget these problems, it is a free application you find without problem on the google store. We will see that steps we have to follow to adjust your terminal to this fantastic APP.

First steps

The first step and the most obvious is to download the application, we can use two different ways: the first and most simple, looking for it in google and the more complicated second APP store, looking for the APK from the application via the internet and discharged directly to our terminal.

The first time we launch VolumeSlider to handle the volume of the phone you will see a thin blue line on the right side with a popup window that shows us how to use the application with our terminal. By sliding your finger over this bar we will be adjusting the volume of your terminal without using physical buttons. When you close the dialog the blue bar will appear.

User settings

After all this is what is important, the configuration that each user wants to perform, here we can choose whether to switch sides touch the settings of the volume bar, if we want it to vibrate when you volume changes or some settings more extra that can have some additional cost. They are several options of sound that we can modify, notifications, the calls or the system, all of this without using the physical buttons of your terminal or more applications.

After dedicating the time necessary to configure it to your own liking, we are already prepared to vary the volume of the mobile from the screen. We went directly to the main desk of your terminal and slip the finger on the hand selected in the settings, to make this gesture will see as a small message appears at the bottom of the screen by checking the current volume.

To enjoy

Small applications as VolumeSlider can bail us and provide us with the use of our phones, is an application 100% recommend that can make us save trouble and some other €.

WP-Appbox: VolumeSlider (Free+, Google Play) →

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