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How to configure your user in the notification bar image

With Lollipop arrived new to Android, which is to have multiple users on same smartphone in the style of any computer. To see which user is active at all times, we only have to slide the notification bar, and click the icon in the upper right-hand corner. Here you will see all the users. However, we only see the standard icon a user. How to configure our image of user in the notification bar?

Configure your user image

The answer to the question could not be more simple. If at the end, and after what we see is the image of the user that we have in the mobile, the only thing we have to do is to configure the image of the user in question. To do this, we have two options. One of them is to get to this option by clicking on the icon, and selecting more options, but as it is process can be somewhat more complex and can vary from a mobile to another, we will go to the most simple process. To do this, we will have to go to settings and find the option of users here. Among these we find our user, indicated as (you), which will probably be the only one in our smartphone. Simply selecting this, are two elements, the image, and the name. We can put the name you want, and we can also put the picture that you want to configure as our user photo. The only thing necessary will be having this picture in our gallery, either in internal memory, or on any memory in the cloud, such as Google Drive.

Personalizar imagen de usuario

The truth is that the logical thing is that this photograph was directly extracted from our Google account, but is not the case, so you have to configure it individually. A really simple process that helps us to customize a little more our smartphone, although it must also be said, that is not entirely essential, nor added any additional option to our smart phone.

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