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How to clean the screen on your Android phone

We carry virtually anywhere mobile phone. We use it and take it while we’re eating, cleaning powder or scouring. We take it even though we have stained hands to answer a call, a WhatsApp message or upload a photo toInstagram. We almost always have screen dirty, full of tracks… And many times do not know How to clean the screen of your phone.

It would be easy to put the phone under the tap and wash it. But, unfortunately, you can not. First, because tap water contains chlorine and can make your screen is manche. Secondly, because if your phone is not water resistant, you can stay without it.

Alcohol is one of the many options to clean the phone. It is a substance that can clean very used in electronics and electrical circuits. But it is a bad idea if we are going to clean the phone screen: to pour alcohol on the screen just bacteria but also with the layers of the phone allowing dirt does not accumulate more than enough on the phone and it repels grease, for example.

But options are washing the screen phone, ending the footprints and not to have it always dirty.

How to clean the screen on your Android phone

Before delimpiar your phone, turn it off. It is advisable that is disconnected and, of course, not plugged in not charging.

The most advisable to remove dust, fingerprints and dirt from the screen of your mobile homeis to you wipe them dry. Use a soft cloth or chamois as which you use to clean the glasses, for example. Being a very soft material, will not damage the screen and can remove fingerprints without filling the screen from scratches. It should not never use a scouring pad or a handkerchief or towel… are rougher materials that could cause scratching the screen.

If you think not enough, you can slightly moisten the cloth and wipe the phone. Salways and when not empapes cloth and that do not fall drops on the screen. In addition, it must be completely clean cloth or chamois since if you have previously used may contain any substance or dust causing damage to your screen. It is more advisable, moreover, rather than dampen the cloth with tap water you do it with distilled water or do you mix alcohol with water in a ratio of 40% – 60%, for example. In both cases, it is advisable to rub in circles, gently, without applying too much force. Chamois through screen you can leave fingerprint marks and making it in circles to avoid this to happen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 con agua

If none of the above works and your mobile phone is filled with grease, bacteria and dirt that you are unable to remove, can take your phone to a specialized center. There are specialized centers that perform cleaning interior and exterior ed your phone without leaving any trace. If you are going to change the phone and do not want this again to spend, in addition, you can place on your smartphone screen protector to avoid crashes, splashes, spots, traces…

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