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How to choose the best Pokemon for fighting in Pokémon GO

If you’re that you grew up watching Pokemon, played video games, and in general tried several titles, for you there are no secrets about how to choose best Pokemon for Pokémongo fighting. However, that will not be your case if you’ve landed in the Pokemon universe. Everything is much more than the power points. This is how you can know what are the best Pokemon for the fighting.

The key is in the types

The types of Pokémon are the key to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of each in each type of combat. In fact, there are some types that are obvious and logical. For example, it seems simple to think that the water Pokemon are effective against fire-type Pokémon, right? At the same time, seems logical that those of fire not are effective against them of type water. However, it is logical that the fire is effective against those of type plant. Until there, somebody you can deduct. Use an attack of this type against a Pokémon of a type otherwise, will make that have the double of effectiveness.


Now well, there are types more complex. For example, not is so logical that the water is effective against the rock, or that the electricity not be effective against the rock. If you saw the series of drawings, is something that you’ll know, but if not not.

And though saw the series, there are types that are very difficult of understanding. More complex is still when we say that there are types that are effective against another type, but this last not is weak against the first.

Not is so complicated of understanding and of assimilate actually, but is more easy use an app that you gives all those data.

Coach for Pokemon GO

The application is called Coach for Pokemon GO and Widget. And it works in a very simple way. Enter the Pokemon in concrete, and you said all the attacks that are powerful against this type of Pokemon. Now only have to search within your inventory the Pokemon that have attacks of this type. And attention, because there will be some that have attacks of this type although they themselves not be of said type, which could be of it more positive.

WP-Appbox: Coach For Pokemon Go & Widget (Free+, Google Play) →

In end, an app very easy of use, with its own widget, and that us will tell quickly the best attacks to beat to another Pokemon. Best of all is that it is free, and over time it will be something that we will already understand perfectly without having to use any app.

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