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How to choose a priority contact in Android?

If you have an Android mobile updated to Lollipop, you’ve seen that the silent mode does not exist. However, now you have a new mode called mode priority. You will only receive notices when they come from those apps or users selected as priority. Now, how to choose a contact as priority in your Android mobile?

Go to contacts

Unlike applications, to select a priority contact, the simplest is go to the app from contacts that you’ll find in the menu of your mobile apps. Here you will have all the contacts, as it has been normal since the first smartphone launched. Once you have all the contacts before you, locate the contact that you want to include in your list of priorities. When you get to it, so no picks. You must click on the photo, or failing that, if you don’t have a photo, appears a circle or an image with the initial of that user. You must click in the photo, since if it is not, start a call, something that you don’t want. By clicking on the photo, you will access all the options for this user. And among them, in the upper section of the screen, you will find a star. If you see only the outline of the star, it is that you can select it as a priority, if the entire Star, is that it is a priority contact.

Contacto Destacado

Why select priority contacts?

Since Android Lollipop the silent mode does not exist. You can not silence completely mobile. At least, it will vibrate. That Yes, you can configure the do not disturb mode, with which you will not receive any call or message, or priority mode. This is my preferred mode, since I ignore messages from all users except those who I really care about. I have my list with priority users, among which is my family, friends and coworkers. Everything else, that is not relevant, non-priority contacts, for the receipt no notice when they write me a message.

You can also select priority applications, but this we will discuss on another occasion.

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