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How to capture all your WhatsApp conversation into a single image

Many times you wanted to make a screenshot of all your WhatsApp conversation and send it to someone else. There is no complete conversation and you were required to make many screenshots to show from beginning to end. Also happens with a conversation via Messenger, Twitter, Telegram… You need to capture screen several times to be able to send the entire, uncut.

But send five or six screenshots to teach a conversation of any app already will not be necessary. You can capture all the conversation on a single image and send it to anyone or keep it if you want to store messages.


LongScreenshot is an applicationavailable for Android that will capture all content that appears on your screen while it is turned on. You will be able to scroll in your WhatsApp conversation and saved all the conversation on a single image. Also in the case of the Twitter timeline, if you want to show a conversation complete, a hashtag or anything else you can think of or will be necessary.

WP-Appbox: Long Screenshot (+Free, Google Play) →

To make it work, we need to open the app. It will ask for permission before starting the capture conitenido. Once given permission to the application, it will appear in the lower part of the screen, to the right, a button pink with a symbol of play. The button will appear even if we leave the application or you’re navigating your mobile desktop.

Capturas WhatsApp

Opens WhatsApp (or any other application which you want to store the conversation) and opens the conversation you want to save. You have to open it and, once prepared for the capture, click the pink play. Get scroll slowly across the screen. Press the stop button (which was before the play) when you’re finished. Once you’ve clicked stop, application will open and display the image that you captured, elongated, showing everything.

In the application settings you can change the stored image resolution, considering three options: 800 x 480, 1200 x 720, and 1920 x 1080. You can also change the format of the saved image and choose between a format JPEG and PNG format.

Capturas WhatsApp

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