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How to avoid too much orange photos

The smart phone’s camera is one of the key features for users when they buy a new smartphone. Regardless of the level of the phone users want a camera to get good photos. However, many are that your camera has a poor result above all in white balance. Photos are too orange. How to get that photos are not too orange.

Quality camera

In general, we measure the quality of cameras of smartphones based on its resolution. Or in other words, according to the number of Megapixels that have the camera. However, the truth is that this does not allow us get an idea of what the final result will be to take a picture. Sometimes, with some mobile carry us surprises the photo, because the picture quality is rather bad. For example, many users are with their camera makes photographs too many oranges. This doesn’t happen because the camera is of poor quality, but rather by the fact that the camera has a problem when applying white balance. The solution of this problem is very simple, the only thing necessary is to make a white balance appropriate. For this we can use any photo editing software available, from the most simple to the most complex. But many users have no idea of how to use this software. Therefore, the ideal is that this adjustment is done automatically. This is possible because the setting of targets too much orange is a very common problem on all smartphones. And if you Google photos it’s now possible to achieve this automatically.

Camara de Google

Google photos

Like Google photos, it is able to do different actions automatically, as it happens with the albums the animations. It is also now capable of performing automatic adjustment of white. This corrects that color too orange that exist in many photos captured with the phone. Google photos does this automatically with all the photos that are uploaded to the platform. This is the case since the last update of the application. It is ideal for users who have a mobile phone with a camera with good resolution many photos are too orange, as well as also for users who do not want or do not know complicate your life with image editing software.

Obviously this is attached to already known characteristics that make an ideal service to almost all Android users Google photos. We talked about mainly the possibility of backup automatic and unlimited pictures of your mobile phone, thus saving space in the memory of our smart phone.

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