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How to avoid notifications to bother you at night

The impact of the light emitted by the phone altered the rhythm of sleep and prevents you from sleeping well. The phone has become an enemy of sleep but can also become an ally thanks to functions, tricks and applications that will make sleep easier. One of the main for sleep tips is put an end to the annoying notifications night.

Some applications, like WhatsApp or Twitter, allow mute notifications and adjust the notices only as it seems necessary. In the case of WhatsApp, for example, can mute individual talks so don’t bother friends birds or Extender. Other applications, however, do not allow this function, but it can be finished with them from the settings of the Android phone.

If you want to mute all the notifications you can access settings of your phone and activate the silent mode. However, Android allows you to go beyond and you can activate only “priority” interruptions. Simply go to the section on sound settings on the device and set the alarms within the section “interruptions”. Thus, you can allow the phone to ring when calls only unwanted contacts or alarms, for example. In addition, the priority mode can be turned indefinitely or over a period of time so turned off automatically at the time of awakening.

However, if you want to mute only one app and keep all other active, you will have to click on the application icon in particular to access to information and settings of the same or well access application settings from the configuration of your phone. Once in the application information screen will appear several options such as clear data, uninstall, force detention and the most interesting: Show notifications. Just disable the ‘tic’ of the box corresponding to let appear that application notifications. You can always return to the same screen and activate them if you repent.

Notificaciones Apps

If you disturb not only the night sounds and lights, you can disable the LED notification that appears on your phone when a message, although this is muted. To do this you must go to the notifications section in the phone settings. Once inside settings you can enable or disable LED notifications, and make that phone does not illuminate at night on the bedside table, without altering the dream.

Silenciar notificaciones LED

If you are not able to leave the phone until the exact time sleeping and don’t want that light affects you being dark, Android has a night mode that will reduce blue light and will activate the phone tone and a warm glow that will least affect sleep. To activate it just move down quick settings menu and select it. Where the “night mode” option is not available by default, you can add the icon in the menu settings.

Activar modo noche Android

With disabled notifications and list screen sleeping, phone already will not pose a problem to rest properly.

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