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How to add apps to your Android priority mode?

The Android priority mode is very useful to receive only notifications of users who we want. But the truth is that we also include in this priority mode applications that we want that they can send notifications in this priority mode. How to add applications to your Android-priority mode?

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The priority mode has become very useful since they eliminated the silence mode. It is an intermediate level between the way in which we do not receive nor a single notification, and the way in which we receive all notifications. But it is useful, because we can be selective in choosing which users and which applications we want to receive notifications when this mode is activated. And it is a way that we can activate both manually and automatically at specific times. Already talked about how adding how priority users in our Mobile Android. However, we can also add apps to this priority mode. How?

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To do this, we will have to go to settings, and then sound and notifications. I know, it is not very intuitive, but it is the path to follow to select the apps we want in priority mode. Then select notifications from applications, and here you will find all the apps that we have on the phone. Clicking on any of these apps, we will have the option to activate the mode priority in each of these applications. Thus, even if we switch to this mode, we will continue receiving notifications of these applications. It is a form of block notices of all other apps and let those of our electronic mail, for example, or the WhatsApp, or those of the app we use to communicate at work, for example, so that we only receive what is really important, until you switch back to the standard mode.

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