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How to activate the multi-view on the Huawei EMUI 4.1

We are sure that we know the function multi-view, thanks to which we can run and view two applications simultaneously on screen. This function became natively on Android 7.0 Nougat. If you have a Huawei, that version corresponds to the personalization EMUI 5.0 version. However, if you have a Huawei with EMUI 4.1, also you can activate the multi-view.

Multi-view on the Huawei with Marshmallow

As you can tell, if EMUI 4.1 goes before EMUI 5.0, and this latest version is the one that is Nougat 7.0 Android-based, that means that EMUI 4.1 corresponds with Android Marshmallow. In this version we found native multi-window support. However, we know that function that was integrated into the operating system, even though it wasn’t active. There was a way to activate it, although he had to make some modifications in the code. It so happened in the case of the Nexus.

But it appears that also in the case of the Huawei featuring EMUI 4.1, or what is the same, with Android Marshmallow. It is only necessary to make a change in the mobile code to activate the multi-window function.

That Yes, to perform this modification have to be rooted smartphone. From here, we have to rely on any of the publishers of text files that exist for Android. Locate the files build.prop in the folder tracking, and once here we will find the line ro.huawei.multiwindow. We will see that the text here is: false. We have to change it by : true. With this, we will have already activated the multi-windowfunction.

The only thing that we have is to keep the archiveor the amended text, and then proceed to reset the smartphone. Upon power-up, we can now use the multi-window function.

If we keep holding down the button of the navigation bar Apps (which is neither at Home nor of kick) directly we will have the ability to run a second application in a section of the screen.

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