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How the Moto G4 Plus step by step root

El Moto G 4 Plus is a terminal completely official that arrives with the intention of keep its reign in it range half of product, but in this occasion under the umbrella of Lenovo giving much more shadow. The case is that your hardware has an important qualitative leap, and integrates even fingerprint reader. You have how root this device in a way quite safe.

By doing this you get have access to all of bike G 4 Plus, as for example the power uninstall applications that come installed by default, to see all the folders that are in storage and, as you can not, install ROMs advanced without that there are permissions problems or similar. Therefore, advanced users tend to take this decision to “play” with your terminal.

Moto G4 Plus Camara

A very important to know detail is to root a Moto G 4 Plus is absolutely necessary check out the bootloader of this, something that you can meet in this link, which is unofficial and that step-by-step guide. If this is not so and the steps that we will indicate, it is normal to put an end to the broken device and its unique functionality is that you give him to a brick. Such which.

Steps to take

Sole responsibility of the user to be performing with a backup made and at least 80% of the battery charge, what you have to do to rooting the Moto G 4 Plus is the following:

  • Download and install the TWRP image. You must rename it recovery
  • Activates the USB debugging settings in the settings of the Moto G 4 Plus Developer (if you can’t see how to do it, get what you’ll find here)
  • Now download SuperSU and moved the file to the memory of the terminal
  • Download the root that have to unzip it-there is a file called root.bat
  • Download mfastboot and unzip it to the desktop. Now copy the image in the first point here
  • Turn off Moto G 4 Plus and restart it by pressing for three seconds in combination buttons lower volume and ignition (fastboot)


  • Now from the menu that appears to access the following sections: Normal PowerUP; Recovery, Factory; Switch console; Barcodes; BP Tools
  • Now Moto G 4 Plus it connects to the computer via the USB cable
  • Open the folder mfsatboot of the desks in you have uncompressed the image and own this files. Open a command line window by clicking on the window with the right button of the mouse and the Shift key. Select Open command window here from the menu that appears
  • Type the following: mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img. Once complete, get the same with this command: mfastboot reboot
  • Now, when you are active bike G 4 Plus runs file root.bat, terminal will restart
  • Turn off the device and restart it again in fastboot mode. Searches the files SuperSU and install it helping the Install section (used a swipe to locate the mentioned file)

Logotipo root Android

  • Now restart the Moto G 4 Plus on a regular basis and you will already have the terminal rooted

Other tutorials for Google’s operating system can find them in this section of Android support, where there are options that are not only valid for Moto G 4 Plus.

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