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How scan documents with Dropbox (and alternatives)

The mobile phone has become, for many, in a virtually indispensable work tool. Rather than consult social networks, news or use the camera, or messaging applications is a device useful for many functions. One of them, for example, is to carry salways a scanner in your Pocket without waiting to get to the office or to work: you can scan documents with mobile.

The phone’s camera is not at all useful when it comes to scanning paper documents or by hand. Quality may not be the optimal format and, finally and after all, continues to be an image. To solve this problem there are applications that allow you to scan documents, convertirlos in PDF and share them.

Scan documents: Dropbox

Dropbox has updated its app for Android and has added a new feature: the document scanner. Now you can scan documents hand-written or printed directly from the phone. Since the new version of the app for Android, you can trim them, rotate them or scan multiple pages and convert them into a PDF or PNG file. In addition, since it is dropbox, you can store all scanned documents in the cloud.

Imagen apertura Dropbox

The Dropbox document scanner lets you do a picture of a physical, document transform it into PDF or PNG and save it to your account in the cloud. But also has possibility of eEdit the image itself, add contrast, brightness, apply filters that improve readability or cut out it at your leisure.

In addition, in the case of a Dropbox Business account you can Search scanned documents using key words to find in your cloud storage that file you need at a meeting or at any other time.

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Google Drive

Google’s cloud service also allows scan documents with the camera and upload them directly to your account in the cloud. It works through a widget that you can place on your desktop screen. By clicking on it, you can access the phone’s camera and you can photograph the file you need. You can edit it to enhance the image and adjust the size as you want.

Unlike other options, widget for Google Drive document scan climbs directly your documents to your account in the cloud. You will have to access the account to be able to share them with other people but the process is quite simple and fast.

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Google Drive


It is one of the most popular and most used applications. Lapplication is available free of charge but account with Premium features that allows, for example, storing files in the cloud, such as Dropbox.

Camscanner free version allows you to take as many photographs as queras and unify them in a PDF that you can share or save. Similar to dropbox, you can trim, enhance the image, correct the brightness… That Yes, not to have activated the Premium version, documents will appear with watermark in the bottom by converting them to PDF.

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